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rufio_fans's Journal

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This is a Livejournal Community dedicated to Rufio.

The Rules

Of course, you must love, or at least like Rufio. Don't come in here to tell us how much you don't like them.
Be Respectful. Everyone is entitled to their own opinon.
Keep on topic. We don't really want to hear how you ate soup for lunch.
Don't post bragging stories. We all love Rufio, and like to hear about concert experiances and such... but we don't need to hear how your sister's best friend's ex-boyfriend knows someone who lives on the street that is across from Jon's street. - we honestly dont care.
Feel free to post your Rufio fansites, Rufio art work, Rufio CD reviews... or if you have any computer artwork (ie: lj icons, desktops, aol icons, banners) feel free to stick them up here and show everyone. Don't want anyone to use them? that's ok - we still want to see, just make sure that you tell us not to use them.

so thats it for the rules... join the community, tell your friends, tell your mom, tell your dog. Make it big, post often about anything new you hear about the band.

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